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How I lost and found Mylyn with Eclipse 3.4 and how Yoxos saved me

Posted by lubosp on July 28, 2008

I am a big fan of Mylyn, I have used it since the version 0.4 and even wrote CodeBeamer/Javaforge connector for Mylyn.

I was excited when Tasktop (you know, the guys who brought us Mylyn) started offering free Tasktop Starter for Eclipse and I had to have it.

And that is where my problems started and they were not caused by Tasktop or Mylyn. As recommended, I tried to use the new provisioning system/update manager P2 in Eclipse 3.4, but the install failed because of the bug in P2 that prevented install of Mylyn 3.0.1 (required by free Tasktop Starter), and because I am not quite familiar with the new update manager yet. After great help from Shawn Minto from Tasktop, I was able to force install of Mylyn 3.0.1, but the installation didn’t go quite as it should (but no error) and after restarting Eclipse, I got fatal error when trying to display Task List view. I made a mistake by removing Mylyn 3.0.1 manually from feature and plugin folder (the way I always did it since Eclipse 2.0). The result was, that Mylyn completely disappeared from Eclipse, even if P2 update manager thought that Mylyn is still installed. I then manually deleted all Mylyn related plugin and feature jars but I wasn’t able to reinstall it, because P2 thought, that Mylyn is still installed. After some more help from Shawn Minto I managed to reinstall Mylyn 3.0.1 from P2 Installed Software tab by selecting all Mylyn features and selecting Update… from popup menu. I was happy that I have Mylyn back, thanked Shawn for his help, and installed free Tasktop Starter. Everything looked good, no errors, so I left Eclipse running and went shopping with my wife (I know, I shouldn’t have done it, I hate shopping ;-).

Surprise, surprise, when I came home, Eclipse was not runing (and no errors in the log), looks like it crashed. I restarted Eclipse and to my surprise, Mylyn (and Tasktop starter) were gone again and I wasn’t able to update Mylyn the from P2 Installed Software any more. And that is where Yoxos comes in.

Fortunatelly I use Yoxos on Demand, free Eclipse distribution service. Because of Yoxos, I was able in less than 10 minutes reinstall Eclipse 3.4 with all the plugins I use (I use over 50 plugins). I just went to Yoxos download page, selected my previously saved profile after I logged in and in a few minutes I had Eclipse 3.4 distribution zip file on my desktop with all my plugins. Then just unzip the Eclipse distribution, and start the newly installed Eclipse, all in less than 10 minutes. This is simply amazing, it would take me several hours to install all the plugins manually!

In conclusion, please do not remove manually any jars from Eclipse feature and plugin directories, and use P2 instead to manage your Eclipse distribution (and be patient with P2, while it has great potential, it is not quite as stable as the good old Update Manager). And do yourself a favor and check out Yoxos on Demand! While it is not perfect (for example Yoxos does not have any place to file bugs, problems, enhancement requests), it is the best free Eclipse distribution service (and yes I evaluated MyEclipse Pulse and Yoxos and Yoxos is far superior to Pulse IMHO).


4 Responses to “How I lost and found Mylyn with Eclipse 3.4 and how Yoxos saved me”

  1. erik said

    Interesting. I tried both Yoxos and Pulse as well and found Pulse to be superior, though it was a bit choppy in initial releases. The most recent version is stellar, though. I’ll give Yoxos another look however, if it worked for you. I just hate the .zip file action and the re-download every time, which I don’t have with Pulse.

    Peace XX,

  2. lubosp said

    I tried Pulse about 6 weeks ago and it was complete failure. I was so disappointed, that I decide not to renew MyEclipse subscription (I had for last 3 years). The problems I had were:

    * when creating profile as anonymous and then registering caused profile to disappear and I had to create it again
    * a lot of out of memory crashes
    * some free plugins like Spring IDE plugin Eneryj plugin are not available
    * lot od features are available in paid version only
    * installing Pulse on D: drive (instead of C:) caused Eclipse to fail to start
    * got quite a few orphanned profiles
    * I got quite a few provisioning errors (P2 is not quite reliable yet)

    I spent about 3 days playing with Pulse and working with MyEclipse tech support, but got nowhere and finally gave up.

    While the Yoxos zip file generation is slightly annoying, the zip generation is very fast and with good downloader it takes just a few minutes to download (Yoxos servers are fast). And the whole mechanism is very simple and straightforward.

    That said, my is just one user experience and I would recommend to give both Pluse and Yoxos a try to see what works better in your particular case.

  3. Jens said


    I’m glad you were able to check out both services and find the right fit. We take every suggestion on how we could improve Pulse seriously, and I will take your comments as such.

    The Yoxos solution is different from the Pulse product (as you discovered), and they can solve problems in some unique ways. I would hop you would continue to look at Pulse, as we release updates and patches at least monthly, if not more often, to address user suggestions like you have provided here.

    One other consideration I might bring up is here.

    Thanks again for looking critically at both services, and we’ll look forward to addressing your needs and seeing you on Pulse again very soon. Please let me know if there is any way I can help further.

    Some additional resources in case they address any of your issues, or for those curious:

    Getting Started with Pulse
    Customizing Eclipse With Pulse
    Sharing Tool Configurations
    Local Profile Customizations


  4. Hi Lubos,

    just found your blog post via Google.

    Thanks for your kind words. As one of the developers working on Yoxos, I appreciate hearing that it was useful to you!

    Regarding your comment that “Yoxos does not have any place to file bugs, problems, enhancement requests”. We have heard your feedback and are considering adding an appropriate mechanism to the client. Note that the web application already has the window “What our users have to say…” on the upper right corner, that you can use to leave feedback.

    Enjoy Eclipse,

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