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Eclipse project information management

Posted by lubosp on November 6, 2005

I have installed Mylar 0.4.1 Eclipse plugin.

I will give Mylar a try even if it is version .0.4.1, mainly because Bugzilla integration (plugin), this is

the best piece of Mylar for me.

As far as reducing the information clutter in Package Explorer and Outline views, the

frequently used artifacts highlighting is great, but I still use the full view

not the Mylar reduced view. I guess it takes some time to get used to use

Mylar limited view and use Resource lookup (Ctrl+Shift+R) to get to resources not in the

view. Before Mylar I used a few tricks to help me with project navigation:

* Java package name compression introduced in 3.1 (great)

* Bookmarking frequently used files, classes (not only Java), and using

Bookmarks as Fast View.

Both made the project navigation easier.


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